Personal Trainer Shaun O'Neill
Experience: Personal Trainer
Contact: 0417 424 074


Shaun's Fitness Journey began over 9 years ago, when an early back injury leads him down the path of becoming a Personal trainer in which taught him how training can create a positive change in anyone's life, and his love and passion for the industry has continued to grow.
Shaun's experience with rehabilitation of his own injury, has given him the knowledge and tools to help others out there with similar injury's. He can ensure that his clients are training with the correct technique, intensity and purpose to aid in the recovery period and to ultimately help prevent further injury from occurring.


Cert 3 & 4 Fitness
ISSN Sport Nutrition specialist
TRX Suspension Training
Kettle Bell Technique
Level 1 Altitude training
Swiss Ball training


Strength and Resistant Training
Fat Loss