Personal Trainer Dan Jones
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After over a decade of working in the fitness industry, it is safe to say fitness has completely changed my life and through my business, I've been fortunate enough to help thousands of men and women from across the globe to change theirs too. My mission is simple, to create the ultimate environment for my clients to transform and unlock the happiest, healthiest and most confident versions of themselves. I've built Quality Performance Health from the ground up, personally shaping and creating every element from my own years of experience. I've always been inspired to create something that provided all the things I wish I had when I was introduced to fitness. After years of blood, sweat and millions of reps I feel I have developed a program that everyone can utilise, from gym beginners to elite athletes.

My clients experience such life-changing transformations because we provide more than a basic gym program. We combine not only the most effective personalised training and nutrition plans for YOU and YOUR GOALS, but also a positive environment to support you and keep you accountable. My training and nutrition methods helped me to create the package I always desired, transforming my physique from string bean to WBFF Male Fitness Pro. I specialise in transforming my clients to achieve a lean, strong and conditioned physique. If you're looking to embrace health and fitness in a way that is both enjoyable and sustainable, you're at the right place!


Transformation Specialist Body Composition

Strength Training Nutrition Coaching

Supplement Protocol Mindset Coaching & Guidance

Competition Posing Coaching Photoshoot Prep Coaching

Competition Prep Coaching (INBA, ICN, ANB, WBFF, AWNBS, WFF)


Cert III & IV Fitness

Cert III Nutrition and Dietetics

WBFF Male Fitness Model PRO

Mental Health First Aid


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“A healthy body equates to a happy mind and with a happy mind ANYTHING’S POSSIBLE!


"Success starts outside your comfort zone!"