Personal Trainer Isaac Verhensen
Contact: 0423 255 869


I recently swapped the Rocky Mountains in Canada for the ocean here on the beautiful Sunshine Coast to be with my girlfriend! I have been involved in fitness and sports in some way my entire life.
Growing up I played high level soccer until the age of 17, before moving to play rugby union for 3 seasons, as well as being an avid skier in the winters
Over the last 3 years I have been diving deep into the health and fitness space that goes beyond the world of sport. I have had to overcome major back and knee injuries of my own that came about because of lack of knowledge lifting in the gym. I have lived in pain just like a majority of others and am not immune to setbacks, struggles or pain. It is because of these injuries that I now focus on quality of movement, long term health and providing the education that will set people up for an entire LIFETIME of healthy habits and healthy movement. I have a strong passion for people and love seeing people thrive and overcome setbacks of their own, whatever they may be.


Certificate 4 in fitness – Master Trainer
Accredited certificate in Nutrition


Pain relief
Strength and resistance training
Fat loss


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“A healthy body equates to a happy mind and with a happy mind ANYTHING’S POSSIBLE!


"Success starts outside your comfort zone!"