Personal Trainer Shane Baker
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My name is Shane Baker and I have a passion for fitness and to make your training, personal. I decided to become a personal trainer after a rather rough ordeal, and thrived on the benefits of being active to help make a positive change in my life.
The most important goal of PT for me is helping you through experience and succeeding with strength, confidence and happiness. By uniquely designing a program for you, your goals will be realistic, in sight, achievable and with a positive outcome.
I am also a qualified Martial Arts instructor and pride myself on being able to give you the confidence to be you, discipline to focus on your target, and equipped with options should you need them.
Get started today. I want to help YOU! It takes motivation, determination and consistency to succeed. Do something for you, it won't be easy and there are always obstacles, but it will give you so much self-satisfaction and accomplishment, that you'll be ready for the next challenge! Lets GO!


Certificate III in Fitness
Certificate IV in Fitness
Accredited Martial Arts Instructor


Making Training Personal
Functional Fitness
Strength and Conditioning


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“A healthy body equates to a happy mind and with a happy mind ANYTHING’S POSSIBLE!


I have a huge passion for helping others and believe a solid mindset is crucial for achieving your goals, whatever they may be.


"Success starts outside your comfort zone!"