Personal Trainer Christian MacKenzie
Experience: Personal Trainer
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Cristian has been a national level track and field athlete for over 15 years and has been involved with health and fitness since a young age. He is currently studying Exercise Physiology at USC which has allowed him to develop a holistic approach to training as well as an in-depth knowledge of physiological adaptations and changes that occur due to exercise. It is his belief to train smarter, not harder. Christian aids his clients to set specific goals and related to their health and well-being as well as provide programs based on their individual needs. Christian ensures his clients become skilled movers to improve their strength and mobility, as well as reduce the likelihood of injuries occurring by adopting the 'prehabilitation' approach. Christian is a qualified ISAK Anthropometrist and is able to assess an individual's lean muscle mass and fat mass through skin fold measurements and can recommend supplements where appropriate to aid with muscle gain, fat loss and recovery, depending on the individual's goals, or sporting needs. Finally, Christian's extensive background and experience in competitive running and Level 2 Running Coach certifications has given him the knowledge to train and write programs for a wide variety of athletes – from raw beginners hoping to partake in their first 5km park run to experienced triathletes and marathon runners who need technique analysis and specific programming.


Exercise Science
Certificate III and IV in Fitness
Level 2 Running Coach
Level 1 Anthropometrist
Level 1 ASADA Anti-doping


Body Composition Assessment
Endurance Running Training
Track and Field Training and Development
Running Biomechanics and Technique Analysis
Sports Performance
Weight Loss
Lean Muscle Gain

Christian's Moto
"To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift" - Prefontaine.

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