Personal Trainer: Nick (Schnitty) Mitchell
Experience: Hypertrophy Training
Contact: 0434621772

If not at the gym, you will find me at the beach playing with my beagle Eddie or my mates. I'm an extremely social guy!

I specialise in hypertrophy training, which is muscle growth. I love to work with people who want to build their strength, I am very passionate about strength related sports. Attending the gym can be quite intimidating for the first time and its my job to make your fitness journey enjoyable.

In my spare time I love photography, cooking and hanging out with my mates. I'm a big believer in realistic training i.e. meaning you can train your heart out, however letting your hair down and having a drink on the weekend is totally ok. In the past I have played competitive tennis and also rugby.

My nick name is 'Schnitty' and I am an extremely easy going guy who goes with the flow. I believe everything starts with a good first impression. I also believe you can never have too many friends so next time your in the gym come and say hi! If you have any fitness related questions feel free to ask me. I love a good laugh!

Cert III in fitness

Cert IV in fitness

First Aid and CPR

"Success starts outside your comfort zone!"

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"Success starts outside your comfort zone!"

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"If you really want to grow, learn, evolve and become the new and improved version of you, then step away from the saftey net, throw away the security blanket and stop giving yourseld am escape clause"


“Fitness is 100% mental, your body won’t go where your mind won’t push”


“A healthy body equates to a happy mind and with a happy mind ANYTHING’S POSSIBLE!