On 11 June 2018
TAI CHI Now on the timetable EVERY WEEK!Come and relax with our beautiful instructor Jen Manley as she takes you through the art of Tai ChiTai chi is an ancient Chinese tradition that, today, is
On 09 November 2017
We all know that it is ALWAYS better training with a friend so for the month of November Ezyfit have slashed the joining fee in half if you and a friend join together. Offer is only valid for a
On 19 April 2016
Volume TrainingAcross the fitness landscape a new movement is gaining traction....Volume Training. Commonly referred to as high rep training or hypertrophy, volume training is fast becoming the most
On 13 January 2016
BENEFITS OF A PERSONAL TRAINERThere's more to a Personal Trainer then simply yelling at a client to get out that extra rep or set. A Personal Trainer can be their weight in gold for the following
By Emma Hogan
On 10 September 2015
Dedicating an hour or two of your day to exercise isn't always an option. Sometimes things are just too busy, the day is just too short and your motivation too lacking. If this is the case, you don't