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We are committed in providing your little one's with a great facility packed with loads of fun things to do so that you can rest assured that they are well looked after given you peace of mind so that you can enjoy and concentrate fully on your training!


Mornings 8:30am - 10:00am
9:15am - 10:45am
10:00am - 11:30am
7:00am to 10:30am
Evenings 4:00pm to 6.00pm (excluding Friday)

Please note there will be no crèche on public holidays.

Crèche Fees

Effective from 1st June 2018 the cost per child per session will be $3.50.

Payment must be paid prior to using the crèche.

Crèche Packs now available– please click here for more details.


Bookings are essential so that we can plan our staffing levels correctly. Bookings may be made on our app 'MyClub Fitness', once you have downloaded and registered, at reception, or by phoning the club on 5493 5099. We no longer have a cut off time for bookings although we cannot guarantee you a spot if you call the morning you wish to come in. We will do our best to get you into creche when you request but we do have limits in place.

Bookings can be made 2 weeks in advance.

Session Times

Weekday Creche sessions are 90mins only, and are during set times during the morning creche session. These times are;

8:30am - 10:00am

10:00am - 11:30am

Afternoon Creche sessions start from 4:00pm and finish at 6:00pm.

Sessions in the afternoon are limited to 90minutes but you are able to come at whatever time you choose - just ensure you advise staff of your arrival time upon booking. If you wish to attend a 5:30pm hour class please still book into creche but advise the staff member of this as we will need to have the creche remain open for your children.


To ensure that we are sufficiently staffed and to keep the system fair for everyone cancellations are essential. To help us in accommodating everyone, parents must cancel their bookings if they find that they need to either the night before or at the very least by 7.15am for the morning session and by 3pm for the evening sessions. Failure to cancel the booking will result in that session being deducted from your EZYTIGER Crèche card or a no show fee being payable next time you visit.

Ages Catered For

Our Crèche has been set up to accept children between the ages of 6 weeks and 10 years. (During the school holidays we will allow children up to the age of 12 subject to availability). You will be required to show us proof of age on the child's first visit. For children that are unable to walk, it is highly recommended that you provide a stroller/pram so that we may settle the child if required.

Initial Registration

A crèche enrollment form must be completed prior to your first visit.

Daily Registration Procedure

  1. Each visit, check in at reception
  2. Pay any outstanding fees
  3. Sign in the crèche book
  4. Upon collection, sign out the crèche book


Children that are ill cannot be accepted in the crèche. If in the opinion of our child minders your child is not well enough to be in the crèche, then you will be asked to collect your child. In the case of infectious diseases and conditions such as (and not limited to the list below), we cannot accept the child back into the crèche until such time that the condition has completely cleared.

  • Chicken pox
  • Measles
  • Mumps
  • Head-lice
  • Flu
  • Sickness
  • Diarrhea

We do consider yellow or green mucus to be highly contagious.


Any medicines should be administered prior to your visit, as crèche staff cannot administer them.


Our staff are happy to change your child's nappy, as long as they are accepted into the crèche with a clean one. Please ensure that you bring nappies, wipes and nappy bags for their safe disposal.

Food and Drinks

Unfortunately we cannot accept any food or drinks into the crèche with the exception of babies bottles. If you expect that your baby will need a bottle during their time in the crèche, you must ensure that you write these instructions in the food/drink book and that it is signed by the lead crèche staff. Babies will only be given what has been supplied. We do have a morning/afternoon tea organised for children which will be biscuits. Please also write any instructions in the food/drink book if you do not wish to allow your child to participate.

Unsettled Children

We understand that new environments may be upsetting for some children and we will do all we can to help your child settle quickly. Usually children do settle quickly once mum's leave the room, but if your child is visually deeply upset for more than 20 minutes we may ask you to come and remove them from the crèche and maybe suggest that together we can plan a gradual settlement plan by gradually building the amount of time that he/she spends in the crèche.

Behavioural Policy

All our staff at EZYTIGERS crèche are committed in providing your children a safe, secure and positive environment and in doing so we must advocate a good behaviour policy. If your child displays ongoing unacceptable behaviour, staff members may have to discuss this with you and in extreme cases we may need to ask you to remove the child from the crèche. Any behaviour instances will be noted in the crèche book for your information at the end of the session.

Non Compliance

Management do reserve the right to refuse access to the crèche. This may be exercised in the event of non compliance with any of the crèche regulations as outlined in this document. Should this occur membership and crèche are not refundable.


We would love to hear and comments or suggestions that you may have for the crèche and ask that you fill out a suggestion slip and hand it to Janette.

Updated Crèche Regulations

Any changes to crèche regulations which may occur from time to time, will be shown on the noticeboard.

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