Instructor Dee Dunn
Classes I Teach: BodyPump, BodyCombat,CXWorx
Contact: See In The Club


Programs You are Certified to Teach - BodyPump - CXWorx - BodyCombat

Your Favourite Release or Move - Body Combat 53 - Sweet Dreams Track 4 - I love it for the Marilyn Manson cover. This song creates a lot of dark energy and the kata is very dramatic. Can really get lost in this track.
Body Pump - My favourite tracks are most often back and shoulder tracks. And anything with a Scooter song hits the mark for me.
CX Worx 28 - Innerbloom by RUFUS - Track 2. The music is haunting and keeps you in the workout during the heat of the arm and leg extensions, pushes you through the modified bear crawl, and drags out the hovers at the end. Perfection in one track right there.

The Reason You Teach - I love being part of other peoples success. Success is a very personal thing, and to see people find theirs makes me happy. Creating positive change in others lives is very rewarding.

Your Motivation or Inspiration - As I get a little older I want people to see that fitness plays a role in maintaining their health regardless of where they're at ( age wise, strength wise, flexibility wise). I am personally motivated to continue to look after myself and be a role model for others. Its not about perfection, but self care and love for oneself. And I love love love Les Mills. They are constantly hitting the mark all the time. I feel inspired and motivated every time a new release comes out.

Your Mentor - Rachel Newsham is my Body Combat mentor / goddess that I dream of being half as good at. But at a local level my dear friend Carole Newton who is an amazing instructor and friend, but also mentor to so many as she shares her knowledge on health and wellbeing. Corey Baird is my CX mentor. He has such an in depth knowledge of the body and teaches me so much on how to instruct my members to get the most from their workout.



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