Instructor Aimee Dudson
Classes I Teach: Sprint
Contact: See In The Club


Programs You are Certified to Teach - Sprint

Your Favourite Release or Move - My Favorite release is absolutely number 10, I just love the music! My favorite training variable has to be Sprint hands down, I love making those pedals go as fast as I can make them go.

The Reason You Teach - I found after being a participant for 2+ years that I just had a passion for the program. I wanted to share my love and passion and what better what then to teach and inspire others. If I can get you to return each week whether you love or hate it I've accomplished my goal.

Your Motivation or Inspiration - My motivation is the members, its the faithful members that turn up every week and its the new members that are giving it a go for the first time. I love the feeling and energy of a whole room of people who are giving it their absolute all and I get to guide them, how awesome is that!

Your Mentor - My mentors are the many strong women instructors at Ezyfit who are also juggling work, gym and families but show up everyday and inspire so many. But I must say a special mention to Becky who ignited my passion for Sprint and still guides me to this day. And in the world of Les Mills I would have to say Khiran Huston she rides fierce and her teaching style is something I aspire to.



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