RSPCA Charity Walk

By 19th August @ 3:00pm



By bringing your furry friend along for our charity walk, you'll be helping to raise funds so the RSPCA can rescue, rehabilitate & re-home creatures in need all across the country and to move towards ending Animal Cruelty.

We will meet at Ezyfit Health Club then head over for a walk around Lake Kawana. Everyone welcome! Bring your family, bring your friends!

  • START TIME: 3:00pm
  • FINISH TIME: Approx. 4:00pm

$5 donation to do the walk which goes straight to the RSPCA. You can bring the money on the day or click on the link below and donate.


Cupcakes will be on sale Monday 20th August, with all proceeds also going to the RSPCA.

Woof! My name is Hugo....

I was a happy and adventurous dog, and I loved nothing more than playing in the garden and going for walkies!

But last year, I was in lots of pain and kept bumping into things.

Until one day, I couldn't see anything at all.

My eyes hurt so much and I didn't know what to do.

I barked and cried but the pain wouldn't go away. 😢


Then one day, my human picked me up and put me in the car. I thought we were going on a big adventure so I was really excited (even though my eyes hurt so much).

The next thing I knew, I couldn't smell my human anymore...

I didn't know where I was.

There were lots of new people around giving me pats and telling me I was at the RSPCA Vet and it would all be okay.

They told me that my owner couldn't look after me anymore and had surrendered me so I could get the help I needed for my sore eyes.

I was very sad but the new humans said they could help me.

I was really scared but I tried to be brave.


I heard the Vet say I had something called advanced glaucoma in both my eyes and if they didn't operate immediately...I might die.

I was so scared.

The last thing I remember was going into a deep sleep...

--- hours passed ---

When I woke up, I was very confused. I wasn't sure where I was and could smell lots of new humans.

Then I felt someone give me a big cuddle and explain to me that the Vet had to remove both my eyes to save my life.

I was very sad...

But then she told me she was going to be my new foster mum!

My New Foster Mum

Me and my wonderful new mum!

The next few weeks we had SO many adventures together...

I moved into her house, had lots of cuddles, went to the park, to cafes and even tried a pupachino. Yum!

It didn't take me long to sniff my way around my new house...

Plus, I now have another canine pal, Phoebe to show me around. My foster mum gave me my own ball with a bell in it so I could play fetch with Phoebe and not feel left out!

Phoebe and Me

Here's my new best friend, Phoebe!

My new foster mum is the best. She gives me so many belly scratches and doesn't get frustrated that I can't see.

She helps me around the house using her voice and has even taught me to use the stairs. 💗

And the best part is she told me she loves me SO much she wants to keep me forever!

I am so happy that I can't stop wagging my tail.

Ezyfit, It's only thanks to people like YOU that I could get the operation that saved my life...THANK YOU!

Tail wags and lots of cuddles,




Thank you for your supPAWt...

Our Cupcake Day party will change the lives of beautiful animals like Hugo, to give them their happily ever after.

With your help we can continue our our work to help animals in need and give every animal a second chance at happiness.

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